May 2012

part II

The day ended with one of the nicest meals I've ever had. The dessert alone was worth going for! It was a lumberjack cake with maple walnut ice cream, super delicious, and, of course, more coffee. A lot of caffeine was consumed yesterday! But all that walking must have counteracted the coffee because I slept really well.

Photos: Little Skillet // Ferry Building // Frances

part I

I woke up yesterday to a choose your own adventure type list of different things we could do around the City for my birthday. I wanted to post some pictures from our adventure before our trip. We started off with coffee at home (the Chemex maker was part of my present), then down to Valencia and Mission for pastries and bookstore browsing. We took some books and magazines to Sightglass and hung out there for a bit in their amazing space. I'll post the rest of the pictures soon, it was an epic day! Lots of walking and taking in the City, which I loved. And, of course, lots of eating.


A few links and bits of news to end the week.

We leave on Monday for New York. Have a great weekend!

new york

Did I mention we're headed to New York in a week? I can't wait! I already have a good list going of places to visit and eat, but if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!


Our bedroom gets so much sunlight in the afternoons. I love just sitting on the floor and soaking it in.


Some photos from a little trip to the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts with Renee.


Maria Romero: Dulce de Reliquias on

I came across this film, Dulce de Reliquias by designer Maria Romeros (a San Francisco Academy of Art graduate!) on Nowness and wanted to share it here. Such a unique way to showcase a collection. Good things are coming out of San Francisco!


I have a guest post up today on Kelly's delightful blog, Halcyon Days! Kelly asked me to write about the process for creating a textile print, which I really enjoyed doing. You can read the full post and see the rest of the images right here. It was interesting because writing about the creative process made me realize how hard it is to pinpoint where exactly some ideas come from. Sometimes there's an obvious physical or visual reference point, but I also spend a lot of time staring off into space and just thinking about shapes and patterns. And then even though I'll start with a fairly clear idea in my head of what I want, new ideas always come out of the process of actually physically drawing something and starting to work on the pattern.

A big thank you to Kelly for including me on her lovely blog!


Working on some new patterns.


This cook book (Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi) is the best. I have been making so many things from it, like this chickpea, tomato and bread soup. So delicious! The coffee in the first picture is because my routine for the past few days has been to look through all the recipes in the morning while I drink my coffee. It's an inspiring book.