July 2012

around the house


Busy week! This poor table gets used as a dining room table, art project table, sometimes pattern work table, and it's the perfect length to lay out all my crazy bits of fabric and papers.

A few favorite links from around the web:

  • This is not new one, but this closet visit with Hannah Byun, the designer of Hansel from Basel, is one of my favorite ones
  • The Stitch & Hammer blog makes for excellent reading, and the photos are so beautiful
  • An interview with Maryam Nassir Zadeh


Some recent pictures from instagram (user name: lotfilotfi).


I love downtown San Francisco when it's foggy. These were actually taken a month or two ago but it would not be that uncommon to have this much fog in July. The weather can be strange, but this city is the best.

renee's house

Some pictures from a visit to Renee's lovely home.

at haus

I met the lovely Anne-Marie yesterday at Haus for coffee. She makes beautiful hand-woven scarves, which you can buy in her online shop. Thanks again Anne-Marie for coming out to the Mission to meet!

Here are some links to end the week:

  • This collection by textile designer Hermine Van Dijck
  • A series of photographs by Brian Ferry that makes me want to go live in a cabin in LA
  • A video and some still shots of the Raquel Allegra Summer 2012 collection, here
  • Looking forward to trying this recipe

Have a great weekend!

p.s. The photo above was taken from the outdoor patio at Haus Coffee. I just loved that the neighbors had their clothes just hung out to dry. I don't think I would want to live in daily view of all the people who hang out in the coffee shop, but I really love the vibe of that house and all the ivy climbing up the walls.

summer dessert

Peaches and peach-related desserts are one of my favorite things about the summer. This cobbler was made by a very talented individual (not me) and unfortunately did not last very long (because we ate it very quickly). Also, I don't know if you can quite tell in this photo, but the place mats in the photo all have a hand sewn drawing in the corner. They were a wedding present from a good friend. The place mat in the center has "Shara & Chris" embroidered on it. I love that I think of my friend every time we use these!


Beautiful colors from the Monterey coast.

ermie collection

Jennifer's beautiful new collection is now available in her shop! So many pretty shapes and lovely prints to choose from. I really love it all.

All images are from the Ermie blog, and were taken by the talented Kate Miss.

mid west

Some instagram pictures from my trip to the mid west.